ACSED QUICKNEWS #53 – 1st Quarter 2014

Save the Date:   Wed May 7 ACSED Award Dinner 
ACSED is having the ACSED 2014 Awards Dinner Celebration. There are three separate award categories honored this year: ACES Awards, DAC of the Year Awards and The Ralph Black Public Service Award.  Please join ACSED in recognition of the award recipients.  Joe Xavier, the new Director of the Department of Rehabilitation will be our keynote speaker for the evening.

What:       ACSED 2014 Award Dinner Celebration

Where:     Blue Prynt Restaurant
Location:  815 11th Street
                Sacramento, CA  95814
Time:       Wed May 7 5:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Cost:        $30 per person
R.S.V.P. by Friday, May 2, 2014. If you have questions, please contact Carolyn Bonkowski at or (916) 

1.    ACSED continues to attend SPB/LEAP Workgroup meetings with State Personnel Board workgroup to review and update parts of the Merit System, including LEAP program.
2.    ACSED sent a letter of support to the Legislature on restoring funds cut from Disabled Students Programs in the community colleges.
3.    ACSED Legislation efforts: Provided input to State Personnel Board on SB 1206. Reviewing and analyzing new bills submitted for 2014.
4.    There is a proposed ballot initiative requiring that IHSS providers obtain 75 hours of training and it would prohibit over time work and continuation of the budget issue cut of 7%.  ACSED will track.
5.    Parking plaques to remain non-limited and free parking for street parking.  ACSED will follow this AB 2714 bill.
6.    ACSED, CalHR and SPB will schedule another meeting soon regarding the Model Employer Initiative. Jake offered an invitation to those who are not involved to attend if they would like to get involved.
7.    California Association for Postsecondary Education and Disability:  Hearing on April 2 and April 24.  
8.    There was ACSED representation at the retirement event at Department of Rehabilitation for outgoing Director Tony Sauer.

Quicknews #52 October 1 - December 31, 2013

  1. The 2013 ACSED Training Symposium: “California on the Move!  Effective Policies and Best Practices in Hiring and Promoting Employees with Disabilities” was a great success!  Over 120 attendees participated at our third ACSED Symposium.  We had over 15 state departments co-sponsoring the event.  Our keynote speaker, Sarah Triano delivered a lively and motivating speech to eager participants.  The job fair was well attended by many job-seekers enthusiastic to gain knowledge about the state hiring process.  The various workshops provided the latest policy developments and best practices in disability employment as well as the opportunity for networking with all participants.  Everyone seemed pleased and excited to be part of another enjoyable ACSED event.
  2. SPB LEAP Workgroup: Continued meeting with State Personnel Board workgroup to review and update parts of the Merit System, including LEAP program.
  3. Website: Posted several new items to
  4. ECOS System: Attended presentation by Gina Forman of CalHR on new ECOS state employment computer system, which will make it much easier for State hiring managers to use the LEAP list.
  5. How to obtain a Governor’s appointment: Attended a seminar on this subject sponsored by the Equal Opportunity Coalition (of which ACSED is a member) and was presented by the Governor’s staff.
  6. Holiday Dinner Celebration:  ACEDS's annual celebration was raving success.  Many thanks to Chelle for chairing this year’s Gala.
  7. Civil Rights Coalition: ACSED's Board member represented ACSED at weekly meetings.
  8. Government Operations Agency and Caballero of the Consumer Protection Agency meeting: ACSED's Board member represented ACSED at this meeting.

Quicknews #51 September 2013

ACSED QUICKNEWS #51, September, 2013  

1. Officer Elections - The newly-elected officers are: Jake Johnson President, Robert Sifuentes Vice-President, Janet Fricke Recording Secretary, Lisa Brown Corresponding Secretary, Carolyn Bonkowski Treasurer, Les Treece-Sinclair Immediate Past President, Board Members at Large Laurie Hoirup and Michelle Ellenberger. Pat McPartland will continue as Legislative Consultant and representative on the Civil Rights Coalition.

2. ACSED Symposium and Job Fair - Was held on Tuesday, September 24, 2013.  The day’s event includes workshops and a presentation by ACSED member, Eric Nelson - “How to Get A State Job”. Please reference the attachments for parking information and restaurants close to CalEPA facility.

3. ACES Awards: The awards ceremony will be on Dec 3 as part of the International Disability Day event sponsored by SDAC. This will be the ACES awards as well as the Ralph Black award and DAC of the year award.

4. Civil Rights Coalition – The coalition is trying to set up a meeting with Gina Forman at CALHR on the new ECOS system for State jobs. It was agreed that ACSED wants to be involved in this meeting. The coalition has a couple of upcoming events that ACSED may want to participate in.

5. Multiple ACSED Board members will attend the Governor’s Appointment Workshop meeting on September 18.  At the time, Board members will decide to join the workgroup.  An update will be provided in the 2014 Quicknews.

6. Progress continues with the State Personnel Board workgroup to update parts of the Merit System, including the LEAP program.

7. AB1062, CalHR omnibus bill. CalHR has agreed to amendments to this bill to address all of ACSED’s concerns, and amendments have been made.

The next ACED Board Meeting will be held on Thursday, September 12, 2013, from 12 p.m. until 1 p.m.  

Teleconference information - Dial:  (888) 232-3870

         Code: 716255


Quicknews #50 August 2013

SAVE THE DATE: The ACSED symposium will be Sept 24, 2013. Click here for more information.

  • Jake Johnson performed the first Navigation and Orientation for blind and low vision delegates to the California Youth Leadership Forum, on July 21 and 22.
  • The election of ACSED officers is in progress. New officers will be announced during the week of July 28.
  • ACSED and APSEA jointly submitted input for the Executive Order currently in development by CalHR.
  • The California Model Employer Initiative Workgroup submitted its recommendations to CalHR on June 30. We intend to hold a meeting soon to discuss the recommendations with stakeholders and determine our next steps.
  • Progress continues with the State Personnel Board workgroup to update parts of the Merit System, including the LEAP program.
  • AB1062, CalHR omnibus bill. CalHR has agreed to amendments to this bill to address all of ACSED’s concerns, and amendments have been made.
  • PERS Long term care: Pat  met with the principal researcher on AB1643 PERS Long term care report on June 20. The research is completed and final report should be ready soon.
  • Spread the word, ACSED’s Website provides valuable information and includes upcoming events, such as Save the Date for 2013 ACSED Symposium as well as the most up-to-date Quicknews.  ACSED’s Web-address is
  • Several ACSED Board members attended mentor luncheon of Youth Leadership Forum
  • The ACSED 2013 Training Symposium is less than two months away.  We have received many sponsorships and have surpassed our revenue goal!  We are putting final amendments to our Symposium program booklet.  We look forward to seeing you all at the Symposium.

Note Worthy Perception: Observations on Accessibility from Italy and Portugal:

We (Ralph and Catherine) have been in Portugal and Italy on an extended vacation.  We thought you might want to know some of our observations about accessibility. 

Things improve each time we come to Europe but physical access remains behind the US, especially California.  In Portugal, we utilized a tour company, Accessible Portugal, which made all our travel arrangements and provided a wheelchair accessible van for transport.  They were great and they do a lot of advance work with hotels, restaurants, and museums checking access and advocating for changes when needed. 

We were able to find hotel rooms with roll-in showers although some were small.  I brought my own bath bench and did need it a couple times.  Elevators are usually very small and since my wheelchair is small, it fit alright, sometimes with little or no room for other people or luggage!  Most elevators did have braille signage.  Busses in Lisbon and Turin had ramps although we did not try to take them.  There are many level curbs and some curb cuts but suddenly one may find a corner with no cut at all!!  Most museums had ramps/elevators and a few had some tactile items for Ralph.  Some had audio guides in English, which are a very helpful feature, while others did not.  We did find a few areas where the countries were more advanced than the US.  For example, medicines come with braille signage on all packages and money (both coins and bills) are different sizes.

The next ACSED Board Meeting will be held on August 8, 2013, from 12 p.m. until 1 p.m.